English Pascal language resources

Here you’ll find English-language sites on software development, video games, applications and websites in Pascal or Object Pascal.

Topics available in this language

English-language books and magazines on Pascal programming
On these sites, you'll find information on books and magazines available in your language to help you learn to program in Pascal or Object Pascal, and to improve your skills whatever your development environment (Delphi, Lazarus, Quartex, Oxygène, ...).
Discussion forums and self-help sites on the Pascal and Object Pascal languages
You program in Pascal or Object Pascal and are stuck on a problem or want to help other developers. These forums and community sites are the ideal place.
Pascal and Object Pascal IDEs and compilers
Pascal and Object Pascal are present in many forms around the world. Some development environments and compilers are better known than others, and help the language evolve. Find them among these links (non-exhaustive list).

Other languages are available

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